Judging Panel

  • An external committees will be convened to judge the best-presented projects at the Think Science World Competition and the Think Science Undergraduate National Competition.
  • Scientists, engineers and professionals from higher education (PhD holders specialized in science and engineering) are invited to apply as judges, volunteering to evaluate the innovative science projects competing at the International and National Level in the Think Science Competitions in April 2020.
  • Judges volunteer their time and pay their own travel expenses, however accommodation & meals are covered during judging days for attending judges.
  • Judges will be allocated to judge in the Think Science Undergraduate National Competition or the Think Science World Competition judging panels based on their areas of experience, and the needed specializations to judge the final projects categories
  • Applicants should be:
    • Fluent English Speaker
    • Mastering a second language is preferable
    • Specialized in any field of science, engineering, and technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Smart Systems, Safety Systems, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biology, and Biomedical and Health Sciences and etc)